More than 700 million people live in Europe. Among these we have about 20 million Evangelicals, represented through the European Evangelical Alliance. It is estimated, that among these 20 million, 1.2 million are children and youth across our various churches and denominations. For more information on the current situation of the young generation please refer to this article.

I have been part of youth work since I was a teenager where my father served as my first youth leader and then later started youth groups, a youth cafe, ran the Evangelical youth alliance in Hamburg for 10 years etc.

In this I love to encourage youth leaders. It is estimated that youth leaders today serve only between 14 months and 3 years in their ministries. How can we help them to stay? What are their current needs?

One response is the European Youth Ministry Network with bi-annual European gatherings,  a learning community while visiting inspiring youth ministries and various other activities. Interested?

I also travel throughout Europe and invest into youth leaders, teach at their national gatherings and mentor some of the event organizers.