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Evi Rodemann

God has blessed each of us to be a blessing to the world. The Bible verse from Genesis 12:2, has since young been a motivation for me.

I am Evi, a passionate European, with a big heart for Europe and beyond, for young Europeans, for younger leaders.

Because people invested and still invest into me as a disciple of Jesus and as a leader, I like to pass it on. Networking is one of my biggest skills and I use this to connect people for various spheres of influence to help advance God´s colorful kingdom.

I was asked to describe myself with one word. I like to use the word CHEERLEADER – cheering on whatever gifts God has given you to build His Kingdom.

You will find stories here from encounters, people, ministries. Maybe they can inspire others as well!
It is about building relationships, beyond structures, denominations or cultures!

Some qualifications I have gained:

Working on a PhD in Theology/Missiology researching on the impact of Christian events (UNISA)                                                                                                MA in European Missions and Intercultural Christianity (University of Gloucestershire)
BA in Theology (Global University)
BA in Religious Education (Global University)
Knigge-Trainer (etiquette and conduction)
Certified Event Manager (Chamber of Commerce Hamburg)
English Teacher (TESOL)                                                                                                  Impact Consultant (Phineo)                                                                                            Life and Business Coach / Systemic Coach (proCEO, EASC accredited)          




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