Loved reading this book by Jamie Kern Lima, founder of IT Cosmetics who also spoke at this year’s Global Leadership Summit.

What a story of indeed being totally underestimated but her vision to see the beauty industry transformed for ordinary women to see their beauty kept her going.

A story where Jamie received so many no’s in her life but her vision, passion and faith in God kept her persevering. She was all in and with her husband took all the risks and worked like crazy, like too much.

Some key insights:

* Being vulnerable is hard, but I have learned that sharing our true, flawed, authentic selves is the only way real connection and love can happen. It is the only way to step into our full power and purpose in our lives.

* Knowing when to let go of a dream is as important as knowing when to follow one.

* Don´t let anyone else´s doubts about you or your dream turn into doubt in your own head.

* Your past does not define your future.

* In life it´s not our experiences that make us unique, it´s our response to those experiences.

* If God created the whole universe, what makes you think He can´t handle doubt?

* One person´s success does not take away from another´s.

* Sometimes those no´s are actually serendipitous grace, wrapped in a package labeled painful rejection.

* A key in believing in ourselves is surrounding ourselves with people who not only believe in us and love us for who we are but also sharpen us. You are the culmination of the five or so people you spend the most time with.

* Being a lone wolf can come from deep-seated fear that we are not worthy of other people showing up for.

* I chose being brave over being liked.

* All of our difficulties in life aren´t just setbacks, they are actually setups from God, to help make us strong enough to carry the weight of both the highs and lows of our future calling (Joel Osteen)

If you are up to be challenged as you face your no´s, this book is a great encouragement!