This afternoon, two fantastic Australian leaders aged 42 approached me with that question.

How does what I know today would have helped my 42 year old self? What a great question.

We got talking and a God moment appeared where both of these men opened up and none withhold their tears. (Have not made men cry in a long time 😃)

What would you say? Following came to my mind:

* Don’t undervalue the importance of letting God work on my character before any ministry

* Examine my theology on suffering

* Forgive and let go

* Find pain buddies early

* Embrace the brokenness and be willing to find healing in touching each others wounds

At the end, all three of us sat on the floor praying for each other to run the race well and be found faithful.

Blown away by their eagerness to learn and encourage. They blessed me more than I could. What a privilege to meet such incredible leaders and be inspired by their hunger.

Your thoughts?

#intergenerational #GLS23