TODAY IS A SPECIAL DAY FOR ME. After 10 months of unemployment the day has come to be employed by my own organisation LeadNow e.V. . After I left the aluminium company last September 2022 after 18 years I felt very challenged by God to walk on water and trust him anew. What shall I do next? Where can I make the biggest impact for the next season?

And how will this process make me feel not knowing what will come next?

Friends, once again God has come through and I have had the most amazing months in transition. I am so blessed! He showed up and gave me more than I had expected or dreamed of. God has certainly come through, surprised me and has provided so generously. Not just to have enough but he was more than generous financially, provided speaking engagements, friendships, trainings to become an impact consultant and systemic coach (halfway through), new opportunities and connections. I am so blessed and grateful that God has come through.

Over the past week, God challenged me twice clearly “to not play safe and embrace risks”. Not clearly sure what it will mean, but I am ready to not play safe and embrace risks in the future.

Under the umbrella of my organisation, I will be working 3 days for the Lausanne Movement organising the congress for September 2024. A dream came true.

One day a week I will coordinate Next Gen for Europe under the Global Leadership Network. After 18 years in business part-time I returned to full-time work in ministry.

And next to it all pursue further my PhD studies. What a journey!

Did I know the outcome by last September? No way. But I decided to trust God leading me to new waters.

If you are in a transition right now, I like to pray for you to experience God come through for you. He is on your side! Transitions can be hard but try to stay in it as long as God speaks.

#transitions #Godcomesthrough