After driving home last night arriving at 2am and barely making it, I had a few hours at home before heading to the airport of Hamburg flying off to Chicago via London Heathrow. Yes, timing can be tough sometimes but looking forward attending the Global Leadership Summit.

Well, that was the original plan but it got changed while I had an Earl Grey tea at the gate when the announcement came that the flight got cancelled.

Leaving the departure area, picking up the luggage and then waiting in line of Eurowings for 3 hours to get a rebooking was no fun.

I tried the hotlines and Lufthansa counter, but nothing worked than queuing.

It was an exhausting long wait. But then you start chatting with the most interesting people. There is Hector from Britain being a well known neuropsychologist who is 72 and just loves to engage with people who have experienced trauma. I also met Michelle from the US who got stranded here who decorates the Google HQ with arts as a project manager and artist herself. And then you bump into Torsten who I had met in church 20 years ago who is on his way to Texas for auditing purposes as they produce computer chips.

Seeing Michelle close to tears, I decided to stick to her until she got rebooked too.

All 4 of us got an overnight voucher for the hotel nearby, exchanged numbers and met up for a lovely dinner.

I love what God does when you open your eyes and hearts.

Afterwards Torsten introduced me to geo-caching and we visited the airport chapel where there is a beautiful bug, as they say. My first one! 😃

I learned a lot, we 4 bonded in our misery and found comfort in each other. What a treat!

May we all fly well tomorrow!

#flightcancelled #Eurowings #geocaching