After ten months and 3300 Euros later I have passed my oral and last exam today as a certified impact manager by Phineo.

So grateful for this journey, wonderful trainers and a great online group. I started off this journey wanting to understand impact and its measurement more, also because of my PhD topic on events and its impact. I have benefitted a lot. For the last 6 months we all worked on our own projects.

I chose to work on “she leads”, the female leadership training I offer in Germany ( and where I am in the process of finishing the second round with 32 amazing women. I tried to put the principles of impact measurement into practice and together with various girls have created specific persona for she leads participants, analyzed the stakeholders, created an impact staircase to specify what we really want to see as outcomes and impact etc. This was a lot of work but also so helpful. I also created a survey to send to the first round of participants to see what they have gained through having attended she leads and if there are any changes 10 months after. This was very encouraging but also revealed where I need to go deeper.

Let me share with you some of the material from the free Phineo handbook we have discussed:

Understanding the impact cycle and creating impact indicators for each step of the impact staircase help to measure fruit.

With my gained knowledge I am eager to help (non-profit) organisations and Christian ministries to discern their wanted outcomes/impact and helping them to measure them. With LeadNow we have already assisted K5, a leadership training in Germany and the international Lausanne Movement regarding the younger leaders initiative.

Get in touch if this would interest you. There is also a free handbook in English, Spanish, German and Italian. Happy to email it.

For now, I shall celebrate! ????

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