Last week I bumped into someone by surprise who I had met years ago while I had organised European events for young people.

A few years ago this person had read I needed some help and had offered to do a job for me in LeadNow e.V. . Sadly, it never got completed. I was not happy with the product and the person said, he had already spent enough time on it and wanted to be paid – without finishing it.

I was very upset but of course wanted to keep my promise and paid. I felt like a loser paying for an uncompleted job and for not having communicated well. Anyway, I decided to let go, forgive myself, him and get on with life.

When I met this person last week, I was happy to see him, just having a vague memory that we had met before. During coffee I find myself sitting next to him but still did not put 1 +1 together until he turns to me and says, “I still owe you a job I have not completed for you and I am sorry. I really want to finish it.”

Only then it daunt on me. That´s him! But really I was just so happy to meet him and realized again that some things happen in life and we simply need to let go and forgive. Thankful for grace!

Maybe it can encourage one of you to forgive and let go.

#Godsredemptionoutweighseverything #forgiveness