Yesterday afternoon the theological training called “Mosaix Academy” was launched in Frankfurt, at the Mosaix church Frankfurt-Nord.

So exciting to see the official launch after about 2 years of dreaming and working hard on it. A huge shout out to Pastor Dr. Stephen Beck for dreaming this up and Joel Lutz co-founding this.

So much love and sweat has been poured into this. This training is for lay-leaders and is offered in multiple languages like English, Farsi, Urdu, Arabic and more to come. The first courses are available. It can be done online but also taken in class-rooms. There is a lot of room for experimenting right now.

Delighted to also contribute with a course in the near future. Mine will be in the area of spiritual formation around lasting in leadership.

The Mission of the Mosaix Academy

“Training, equipping and reconciling people of all cultures for Spirit driven multiplication of disciples and Christ centred communities for the expansion of God´s Kingdom to all nations.”

It has been a privilege to attend and I am looking forward to the expansion of this training. Was wonderful to see people again or meet them first time face to face.

Check out this new academy:

With Pastor Dr. Stephen Beck