At the end of my 6 days in the UK, I had 24h with Bob and Jilly, my favourite people. I met Bob in person while he taught my leadership module at Redcliffe College and since then we have become friends.

When I experienced my huge leadership crisis five years ago, he was there to walk this through with me. Bob has become my mentor friend, a title I have given to him. Because he not only mentors me but him and his wife have also become my friends. In the past years we were able to spend time together ministering in Bulgaria and Serbia investing in young leaders.

In my book, surreal to talk about it, I have also integrated a story from Bob and Jilly. Bob was (when he was just starting off in ministry) in such a demand for speaking engagements, that he was booked out for years in advance. His wife had to write herself and the family into his calendar to make sure they would get time with him. It took a toll on them and God spoke clearly and led them to the Middle East to serve among a young generation and where the planning time was like two weeks ahead. God has used them incredibly and still does as especially Bob engages with hundreds of leaders mostly now in the virtual world.

It was fantastic seeing them back after three years. Especially because Bob had cancer in the last few years and was very very sick.

I just loved spending time with them and hearing about their incredible impact in their community and neighborhood as shop chaplains, as vaccinators, as coordinators of a city network, serving at a food bank etc. Incredibly humble people! And in addition, I slept like a baby and got some time to simply be. On Sunday lunch time we finished off with a typical English roast. So very blessed with having people like them in my life. It makes such a difference!