After five years from the start of the dream to the actualization, the first ever European Lausanne Conference took place. Once it was postponed due to Covid-19 and the second time moved online. For five days, thirty of us met in Southampton, UK to live stream the historical event from there.

All the speakers were recorded plus some creative elements. The moderators, the Bible reading, some drama were presented in person.

Bildwerk did another incredible job and was responsible for the live stream, for the lights and sounds. As we worked hard and long hours during the time in Southampton, we bonded well as a team coming from different nations and the fun was much included.

Jeff Fountain in his weekly blog wrote: “… The four days of online conversations, video reports, exchanges through chat boxes, interactive seminars and bible expositions have created a landmark event which will impact the evangelical landscape of Europe for decades to come. It has produced a rich, permanent, resource archive available to everyone, a common library of inspiration and information for churches and organisations, pastors and missionaries, lay and clergy, social workers and journalists, artists and students … for anyone concerned with the spread of the kingdom in Europe….”

The four moderators for the morning and evening sessions

I was delighted to be together with friends and particularly with my friend Sandra Kunze who has done an incredible job on events which we have led together. So having her with us was not only a treat but she helped to see this event succeed. Together with my Serbian friend Bojan Ruvarac we hosted the afternoon and evening sessions. Lots of things needed to be created onsite so it made for very long but fulfilling hours. Seeing people respond to online tools and engage with us and the other 900+ participants from all across Europe was immensely encouraging.

We saw God show up and were blessed beyond our imagination!