Over the past few months I have had several unique teaching opportunities which I have greatly appreciated. I not only enjoy passing on some knowledge and see students understand more about who they are and what they where made for but also simply the heart connections with students. I learn so much each time when I am teaching and some critical questions challenge me to think through things even deeper.

I have learned from my mentor Bob to address people by name and as I have practised it wholeheartedly this year, I not only got to know some incredible people but also have seen the impact of such a personal engagement and being open and vulnerable about my questions and experiences.

I serve on the board of IGW, https://www.igw.edu/de/, and as the study center in Hamburg opened this year, I have started to teach the course “project management” over 5 days. At the end each BA student needs to present his or her own project. In teaching this I realized many parallels to my event management teaching, so this was a great thrill.

I also served the IFES staff in Germany with doing a whole day on leadership issues and one of the new things I taught on were the various leadership styles. This was also enlightening myself! 🙂

Another surprise came in doing an online session on “Finishing well” for 50+ BA students for the YMCA university in Germany. Then Jesus-Bruderschaft/Gnadenthal asked me to deliver a session online for their youth leaders and this provided another opportunity, though running a workshop while I am the only one online had its challenges. But we laughed them through.

This all ties in with my questions about my personal future as I will leave my current job with the aluminium company in the summer of 2022 and have asked God to lead me further. One of the elements I would love to do is having some teaching assignments within theology/missiology plus teaching on leadership. Looking back over the year, I have had more opportunities in teaching than before which has come as a great encouragement.

If you are the praying type, I would love to hear God´s voice clearly for what he has prepared for me in 2022 and beyond!