From 6-12 November about 144 persons from 15 nations joined the Dollar-a-Day campaign created by my friends of the organisation MoveIn ( I had prayed for having twenty Germans join us for the first time and we even were able to reach our goal. Even two of my LeadNow friends joined.

The challenge is to live on only one Euro a day for 7 days, identifying with millions of people for whom this is daily business. What we saved that week went towards MoveIn ministries globally who fight poverty. We even had whole families join this year. We also received a great recipe book, daily devotions and had the chance to interact in the global Facebook group.

It was the third time I partook in this yearly challenge and was even more excited this time a few more friends joined while also having the first Facebook group set up for the Germans ( plus having some material first time translated into German. Clearly we are making progress here in Europe, hooray! 🙂

This year I was travelling 5 out of the 7 days and November was my busiest month. This made it even harder as I could not really prepare nor have my food on me which I would need. When this week kicked off I was spending the weekend with “my” 19 girls from the new “She leads” training. I allowed myself to have some cups of tea but no more. I joined them for dinner in the evening (as this is a must when I lead these weekends) but then only ordered water. Getting the bill for the water: 6,50€. Exactly 50 cents left to what I would be “allowed” to spend this week. So the next few days I had very little but surely used more than the left over 50 cents. Already living from 1€ per day is a huge challenge.

The other day I forgot to fill up my water bottle and therefore needed to buy water at the station. Another 2,50€ just like that. I was surely not keeping within my limits and I had planned. This week did not really go as I had originally planned but once again it was such a strong reminder to think and pray through this week.

I realized once more how blessed I am in just being able to buy food, drinks… go out for coffee or a meal just when I want. Not even having to think twice about it. I am incredibly blessed and though I am surely not a rich person and do not have many belongings, I still classify among the richest people in the world. This is incredibly unfair and unjust. So it is so needed to remind myself again how blessed I am and that this blessing needs to be put to work.