For the past 2-3 years I wondered if I could offer an impact study for a Christian organisation making use of all the things I learn while writing my PhD, though in very slow motion. K5 were the first ones to really show an interest and I was so glad to be doing it with them first. K5 ( is an excellent leadership training journey and in 2020 had more than 400 leaders from across churches and businesses enrolled. I was wanting to find out how the long leadership training has actually helped them to become better leaders.

At the start of 2021, I hosted a workshop for the K5 core leaders on the various impact categories which are event related. They then agreed on what kind of data they would be looking for as a result of people having attended this 3-year-training. After creating the survey, it was sent to all 3000 leaders who had completed the 3-year-K5 training in 2020. They had a month to respond, with getting one reminder. I and especially my dear friend and LeadNow colleague then produced a thorough 67-page report on the data and we finished with some reflections and recommendations. This was then presented in a 2 hour online discussion in September 2021.

Though it was a lot of work and we offered it for free, it was a treat doing it for K5. These are leaders we highly appreciate and it is a training we like to endorse also in the future. I was super intrigued about their willingness to learn, adapt and where needed change. It was exciting doing it with them and we also learned so much in that process.

Here is the feedback by the K5 leader and pastor Daniel Wolf (

„For us, it was very encouraging, that Evi and her research team invested so much into K5 and have undertaken this analysis on our behalf. It has helped us greatly to continue on the right path or where needed to restart and take new steps in developing the K5 training further. Thank you, thank you, thank you!“