We was really excited that we were able to pull through with our second edition of Renovo, a retreat for female younger leaders, though we were less people due to Covid-19 restrictions. Eight of us gathered coming from six different nations like Belgium, Ukraine, Serbia, Italy, Germany and Bulgaria.
We had a great extended weekend from Thursday to Sunday (16-19 September) in the mountains outside Sofia, in the beautiful little chalets “Pinas Villas”.

Great girls, great retreat, great food (too much!) and even more greater God. What a special time we have had. We worked around values in leadership, John 15, created a leadership manifest, watched an inspiring movie, enjoyed spa, morning walks, an evening around the fire and talked through „7 deadly sins of women in leadership“ (Kate Coleman). Though it was a small group, it was just as lovely, engaging and meaningful.

I felt challenged to pull through with this, not knowing who would be able to come. I was even more thrilled, that Tammy Lundell (US/Italy) pulled through with me and was committed to see this happening. Though we missed Claire who was my co-founder in 2019. Sometimes Covid-19 just sucks.

We were also very grateful for Ivan, a Bulgarian friend, being such a support in transport. The people in Pinas Villas, a Christian owner, were evenly just fantastic. They welcomed us once again and went the extra miles for us to have a great time.

If you are interested in joining next year, save the date and get in touch: 15-18 September 2022, again in Bulgaria.