Today after 7 months of writing (and sacrificing weekends etc.) my first ever book manuscript has been sent off to the publisher (German publishing house SCM) to be edited.

It has been a great and inspiring but also a challenging journey being confronted with my own experiences, doubts, failures as I wrote on leadership and pain. But hey, what a huge privilege and grateful for all the support received. ❤️

A Dutch friend and youth worker had unknowingly prayed for me since February when she felt God telling her Evi is going to birth a baby and faces challenges. Now she knew what the baby was. 
An English friend had written last year God telling her that Evi will write a book and will need encouragement. 
Incredible to know of such angels and God preparing the way. What an incredible rewarding process.

Now taking it easy for some weeks on the book front until I will hear back from the editor.