I am so incredibly grateful for such an inspiring, wonderful and heart warming time on 19th April 2021.

Nearly 70 leaders joined the online launch of my new organisation “LeadNow”. Most of them I consider friends and people I love working with. They represent global movements, European youth ministries and national youth networks. Even some of my family made it to cheer me on. Amazing people got together. I was so super excited, slightly nervous and full of anticipation.

As a team, we received incredible input from speakers like George Verwer (US/UK), Bob and Jilly Moffett (UK, he is my mentor) and got prayed for by Nana Yaw Offei Awuku (Ghana), the team leader of the Lausanne Younger Leaders Generation and Ole-Magnus Olafsrud (Norway) with whom I work on the global leadership team with Nana Yaw. Sarah Breuel (Italy, IFES and Revive Director), Chris Curtis (UK, Youthscape) and Jim Brown (N. Ireland, Exodus) brought us special greetings.

The very special guest of honour was dear George Verwer (82), founder of Operation Mobilisation. He contributed with an inspiring short talk on “Don’t just live well – But finish well”, encouraging us present to dig deep into Gods word, relying on God’s Spirt to lead us into action and ensure we pass on the passion and gifts God has given us, inspiring leaders across the nations to rise up and walk in their faith. Though he gets older, he is as passionate about God and the world as ever.

I was so excited I could hardly fall asleep last night but with a big smile on my lips. So utterly grateful for this new birth and celebrating this in community is simply the best. Very grateful also for the new LeadNow team.

Nana Yaw summed it up so well: “My LeadNow launch reflection from all the sharing has left me with three personal inspiring challenges in my Christ following: to love Jesus deeply, lead well and bear fruit that lasts…for his glory!”

If you have not yet checked us out, please do so: https://www.leadnow.center.