It was my birthday in February but due to Covid-19 and lockdown I had several surprises over a whole month. Last week, my sister came around with her wonderful kids who I dearly love. (I have to say, I love all of my 14 nieces and nephews 🙂 ) They had created some beautiful cards and even gave us some presents. On a fun note: Because they could not give us the sweets on time, they ate them up but rebought! 🙂

While we were having coffee and cake, Marie, 8 years old, jumped from the table and ran towards her coat because she had another gift to give. Out she pulled a Euro and gave it me to invest into my new organization LeadNow. She spared this all from her pocket money which normally goes into sweets. And if you love sweets as Marie and I, you know it is a huge sacrifice.

What a sweet and generous gift of a child towards her auntie and the new organization LeadNow.

We are now in operation over a month and I thank God for all the open doors, his provision, encounters with interested people and ministries and even first donations. So looking forward seeing how God can use this small organization to have an impact on the younger leaders across Europe and beyond.

And may God multiply the gift hundredfold and more!

If you like to read up on the organization, have a look at the new website: