In November 2019, together with Melanie, editor of the JOYCE Magazine, we sat down in Hamburg, Germany, dreaming about investing into younger female leaders more purposefully. Out of this conversation, a survey was created in which more than 117 girls up to 35 years of age ranked their top needs in leadership. Various needs were highlighted: A space to develop the leadership gifting, like minded other women, training and mentoring.

After some research to find out what is available, I explored a different kind of training not yet on the market. What if we could journey with some young female leaders for 10-12 months, offer some weekends of training, a mentoring cohort of likeminded buddies and a senior leader to mentor each of them individually? When the idea was shared, some other senior women got interested and out of this, „She leads“ was born. Heike, a lady pastor from Berlin and leader of a women’s ministry called Beyond e.V., joined the core team and together a curriculum was created, invitations sent out and mentors invited. 

Because this would be a piloting project, we thought having 10-15 women would be fantastic. 10 would be great. 15 would be the overflow. God surprised us. This past weekend we started with 19 young female leaders from all across Germany. We had to turn people down in the end and have asked them to explore applying next year. Leaders from various organizations and pastors recommended their young leaders to us. Through my involvement over the past few years, several of my young friends and mentees also joined this programme. And next to myself and Heike, Susanne and Annette also joined. We even started a friendship/cooperation with Campus for Christ/CRU. And to top it all, Campus Switzerland will start offering something similar in September 2021.

Sadly, the first weekend due to Covid-19 was held online but the interaction, starting of friendships, small groups, the teachings etc. were fantastic. The topic of the first weekend was all around the leader as a person. What are my most important values, developing the character, how to say no gracefully, the art of managing yourself, discerning your inner compass etc. were some of the elements covered. The feedback was immensely positive and we are totally blessed and blown away by how God showed up and ministered to all of us.

It is fantastic to see what can come out of dreaming and creating together! This training will finish in January 2022. If you are interested in this kind of training, do get in touch!