We live in challenging times and some of us go through challenging times. I am sure most of us wish to be like leaders of the tribe of Issachar. You have never heard of them? There are not too many verses about them in the Bible but one of them is key, also for us within the Lausanne Movement working with younger leaders.

1 Chronicles 12:32: The leaders of the tribe of Issachar “understood the times, and knew what the people of God should do“. Actually what to do in such times we go through can be very challenging and overwhelming. Some of us feel lost in the wilderness. Ruth talked about the wilderness and how some of us end up in it and some are even led into it. Two key points for us to recognize when we are in a wilderness:

a) God meets us with compassion

b) God gives perspective and a way forwards

Wilderness is what some people have termed the liminal space. One of my favourite concepts these days. A liminal space means threshold. I might be standing at a threshold and know that the way forward is foggy and unclear while also knowing that there is no turning back. It is the hardest to stay and wait in this liminal space for God to speak and give his directions. It seems much easier to run away from wilderness and fill the empty hole in my soul. To gain strength in our wings, we need to last in the cocoon long enough until the butterfly has fully developed and able to fly. If we disturb the process, we might never get our wings in shape.

I pray that indeed we will become more like the man of Issachar and understand the times and what God wants to do.

It was a powerful webinar and Professor Dr. Ruth Perrin from the UK was the delivering the message.

I met Ruth Perrin online in October 2020, when one of the wonderful Lausanne younger leaders offered a book club over 4 evenings discussing the content of Ruth´s latest book: Changing shape – the faith lives of the Millenials.

I very much liked what I read and meeting the author online was super cool. I then followed up with Ruth asking some questions for my own research and we discovered so many mutual interest areas. Who would have known what might come out of reading a book? 🙂 Simply, Ruth is heaps of fun and such an authentic person I really like. So I thought I would love to offer something together with Ruth. The YLGen Resources team was kind in providing us with this webinar slot in February 2021. The content was just amazing, heart warming and heart challenging. One of the best I have heard in quite some time.

If you like to check out Ruth, here are her websites: www.cloudofwitnesses.org.uk and www.discipleshipresearch.com.

If you like to read up a bit about the liminal space, I wrote a blog on it in 2019, feeling myself placed in a liminal space: https://evirodemann.com/2019/08/15/the-liminal-space-and-i/.