How to build community in Covid-19 times?

Looking back at 2020 and how the world has been dramatically affected by COVID-19, there is one word I will take into 2021 and it is “community”. In many positive ways, community has stepped in and helped people affected by the pandemic, directly or indirectly. Believers of all sorts have been looking out for their neighbours, shared their goods, their time and even sometimes their lives. I believe, community will be even more important as we face 2021 with all the unknowns, where leaders are asked to lead into the fog. No one of us can face the pandemic on our own. We need each other in the missions community to discern the fog and lead into the future courageously.

The glue that holds a community together is mutual trust and this needs to be established and nurtured by the core leadership group. Members of the community should then be invited to participate, within explicit parameters, and given the freedom to contribute. The community then rewards the contribution of the participants, strengthening a sense of belonging, ultimately leading to more responsibility.

Community is not a building, institution or an organisation. It is both a feeling and a set of relationships…

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