As if all the festive activities around my 50th birthday did not already catapult me to the moon while also launching my new organisation LeadNow e.V. a few days ago, I have also this week signed my first book contract.

I will be writing in German and the book will be published by SCM. The topic will be on leadership and pain (how to walk through pain, how to overcome hurdles in leadership, how to use the liminal space etc. ). Something I am really passionate about as many leaders do not last in leadership. I myself had a huge leadership crisis nearly 5 years ago and without the help of mentors etc. would neither have lasted myself. Some of the wisdom gained plus stories of other leaders will be included.

I was asked three years ago if I could not imagine writing a book but was not sure. The only topic I was interested in was leadership and pain. I had started to collect material around it and also drafted a book expose but did not pursue this. I felt the time was not yet ripe. In November, the leader of SCM approached me and said, “it is time. You should jump from the three meter diving board again”. Not sure why he used this expression but I felt challenged to jump. Over the weekend in November, I completed my draft of the expose, send it to the wonderful editor (a young female leader I met through Lausanne), had a good chat and then was asked to provide an initial chapter. I completed this over the Christmas holidays and then sent if off. Waiting and wondering! In January they had an editorial staff meeting and the book received the green light!

I am so excited and at the same time scared! 🙂 I heard this is a healthy attitude for writing!

What a great start into my next decade! Thanks so much, God and friends!

Maybe one of you needs to jump from a three meter diving board as well? It might not be a book to write but to do something you have had on your heart and just need to dive in now. I cheer you on!