I am overwhelmed and overjoyed! I have had an incredible birthday in lockdown and as we say in German, also in flockdown, as it snowed that day. 🙂 It turned into a beautiful and memorable day I could not have planned or dreamt off.

Turning 50 was not something I was much looking forward to, as it a) sounds terribly old to me (excuse me if you are 50+ 🙂 ) and b) because I like to celebrate my birthday but not always sure how. I am a twin and I am the single twin, so doing it the way I like is always a bit of an issue. And surely lockdown made it harder.

Regardless of the number, I totally know how blessed I am. I am so grateful for such a wonderful life I have had so far, for amazing decades of God´s grace, forgiveness, restarts, the many adventures, travels, countries and experiences. I mean, it takes quite a bit of years to put this all in. 🙂

So instead of lamenting or feeling sorry for myself, I decided to go public with the date, seek creative advice on how to celebrate a special birthday in lockdown and indeed celebrate God´s goodess on my life – and wanting to share this also with others. One of my friends had asked me before what I wish the most for my special birthday and I said, I would like to be surprised. And I was in for many surprises.

My twin and her family got the decoration ready and we started the day with wonderful breakfast, later had a Baileys cake, a walk in winter wonderland, zoomed with the family, enjoyed great food, had wonderful surprises at the door (3 times flowers) and in the post, received some beautiful presents, wonderful cards and gifts, phone calls, emails and so many lovely messages on social media etc. One of my young friends later in the afternoon came by and had coffee with us which was so lovely. In addition, one friend worked very hard to relaunch this website for my birthday and provided a beautiful make over. André Springhut (https://bereishit.de/) did a great job. Thank you so much!

I am also overwhelmed with thebirthday donations to my new organisation LeadNow and for this I also received the launch of a new website in time for my birthday, http://www.leadnow.events. Crazy and wonderful.

The climax was my bithday online toasting with 60+ friends from all over the world. Yep, certainly it was an experiment but I wanted to try this out, see friends and toast on each other. It was such a treat and a great ending to a beautiful day.

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this special birthday extra special. Much much appreciated! I feel cherished and loved and I am grateful to God for amazing people I get to work with, get to do life with and who challenge me to become a better me. There is always an element of leaving my comfort zone but it is so important to do so.