I love advent and the Christmas season. The month of November is somewhat dark and often wet, but then the first Christmas lights go on and what seemed dark is lightened up.

Walking or driving through places after it gets dark outside and seeing all the lights, candles and lit Christmas decoration gives me much joy. I sense the light is coming as we remember Jesus being born. Yes, it might not have been the actual time Jesus was born but this season serves so much as a reminder to reflect, to give thanks and to celebrate Jesus being born as my saviour. Your saviour.

Through a book club where we read a new book on millennials from the UK context, we were challenged to make Jesus more tangible for this young generation.

One of the pictures we reflected on was this one: The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. I fell in love with this picture and thought, what a fitting picture for Christmas. 

As most of us face the implications of Covid-19, as insecurity has hit many of us, as we doubt into the future and are not sure, what awaits us, I love that Christmas is all about Immanuel, God with us. Though we reflect on Jesus´ birth at Christmas, we have the wonderful opportunity to get to know him more and more as the Son of God, and touch him even while doubting. He is near you and I, he is touchable and approachable. And he can easily bear our doubts and our failings. His faith does not waver in us though I am sometimes easily tempted in wondering and questioning. 

So grateful for this Christmas season! What a Saviour is born unto us! 

PS: Photo taken from Wikipedia