Now more than ever, bold, biblical, healthy leadership is needed in the Church and in our societies and cultures. But we see so much competition, conflict and misunderstanding between men and women as to how to lead well and lead together. For decades and centuries of church history, women have been side-lined and kept out of key roles simply because they are women, and the church has bought into a certain theological understanding of who is allowed and called to lead. 

The Converge family, in cooperation with the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission felt an urgency to address this issue for the sake of our young people who are coming into their own as disciples of Christ and as church and ministry leaders. 

A team from Open Doors US offered a three-session training called “Restorations” that looked at the original creation and design of God for man and woman in Genesis 1 and 2, how this got distorted through Satan’s deception in Genesis 3, and how Jesus restores that relationship in John 4. Each session was two hours long and was held in English.

I had not thought of Open Doors getting involved in this as they are so passionate about the persecuted church. But in their research, they found out that the ones who suffer most are women. So they created an excellent training.

I loved being part of this with 30 other leaders from around the globe and would love to explore this kind of online training for the European context. One of the blessings coming out of Covid-19. 🙂 And there are more for sure.

If you are interested in taking part in this training, please email Annika at annika.greco(a) The next training for Europe, Asia and Africa starts already on December 1 at 13:00 GMT, so a swift response is needed in order to solidify the participant list. The training for North and South America will take place in January 2021. 

If you like to explore what this might mean for Europe, happy to hear from you. Just a tiny step in helping the church uncover the potential of all people. I offer a yearly retreat for German and European younger female leaders. Give me a shout if interested.