Since 2016, four of us girls and friends in Germany decided to offer a safe space over a yearly weekend and called it Curatio. A weekend to bring healing as the name says, to encourage us female leaders to trust God and trust in our callings. It is not another women’s conference but more a space with some input, lots of time for relaxation in the sauna, go on walks in the beautiful nature, share joys and hardships in leadership while enjoying homemade food and a good glass of wine.

We four girls were so looking forward to our 5th Curatio weekend with 26 younger female leaders but due to Covid-19 we had to cancel it. We thought hard about options and what each of us could offer instead. I decided for my Plan B in offering a Curatio weekend in a smaller version. 10 women were invited to meet up in Hamburg. Within 24 hours of shifting plans, 10 girls had agreed and were also offering wonderful help to bring this weekend along.

Due to the circumstances of another lockdown, we had to cancel this as well. So instead we went for an online version of Curatio 2.0, where 17 women met up on Saturday. We brunched together and shared life. We did not know if our loved Curatio spirit (honest and authentic community) could also be displayed online but we tried!

It really became a community with great open sharing from the start, a fantastic input by Rike HĂĽttmann about leading through the fog and drawing our attention to Mark 2, about new wine into new vessels. Where is God doing something new through Covid-19?

I loved that we did not give in to the situation but created a format which really served well and led to wonderful engagement, also including a few new women. VERY GRATEFUL!

Right after quite a few women gave us their endorsing feedback and one immediately signed up for our weekend in November 2021. 🙂

In these Covid-19 times I constantly need to make the decision to be an agile and adaptive leader. Sometimes it is so hard but it is the only way to go forward: Experiment!

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