Bearing fruit is great when you see the fruit ripe for harvest. But to get there it takes a lot of effort, good soil, the right dose of temperature, sunshine, pruning, setbacks and care. When you see the fruit grow and ready for picking, it is thrilling. You finally see the success of your labour. Furthermore, when you can finally taste it, you savour the fruit and think; you have never tasted such a good crop. 

This is exactly how I feel today. More than a year ago, I sat down with Melanie Carstens, JOYCE Magazine, wondering how we can serve younger women better. We did a survey in November 2019 among 120 younger female leaders from across Germany and various church backgrounds wanting to find out their needs. Over half indicated:

  • I want to further develop my leadership gift
  • I want to be supported in my calling
  • I want to grow in my identity and self-worth
  • I would like to have a space of engaging with like-minded younger women
  • I would like to learn to preach (better)

This led to meetings with a small group of fantastic women exploring options, praying and researching what is on the market not to duplicate efforts and deciding, what I am dreaming about does not yet exist in its form. 

With a few highly inspiring women I worked hard on creating a concept for a leadership training for young female leaders (20-35 years of age) and today we are ready to launch the training. TODAY! 🙂

It will happen over a 10-month period (March 2021-January 2022) with 4 weekends, 4 webinars in between and a mentor for each female leader walking alongside her for this period.

Topics will be around identity, self-leading, how to lead as a woman, leading together with men, calling and giftings, character, managing failure, how to say no, leadership styles, platform speaking etc.

A real bonus on top: One of the weekends (November 2021), we will join a new speaker´s training for female voices on platforms in Germany, “Raise your voice”, hosted by Campus Crusade/CRU.

We are terribly excited and welcome 12-15 younger women with leadership potential. They should already be serving somewhere in leadership – in various spheres of influence. Some of the speakers at these weekends will be Heike Otparlik, Annette Penno, Sabine Fürbringer, Tamara and Andreas Boppart, Sarah Stopp, myself etc. 

If you are German and interested, shoot me a message! For anyone out here, I would love to encourage you to pursue your dreams. Use your God-given gifts to cause a change. Raise your voice for others! 

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