A great inspiring podcast is out with Andy Stanley on his new book: „Better decisions, fewer regrets“, hosted by Sean Morgan.

Andy writes about these five great questions to ask yourself before you take major decisions:

  1. Why am I doing this – REALLY?
  2. What story do I want to tell?
  3. Is there a tension that deserves my attention? If so, hit pause and allow it to bother you
  4. What is the wise thing to do?
  5. What does love require of me?

Enjoy listening to this episode here: https://www.cdfcapital.org/lilr-andy-stanley/

The book is coming out on 20 October 2020: https://www.amazon.de/Better-Decisions-Fewer-Regrets-Questions/dp/0310537088/ref=sr_1_2?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=Andy+stanley+better+decisions&qid=1602752610&s=books&sr=1-2