With my dad, my twin sister and 11-year old niece we drove by car for about 8 hours from Hamburg to Brackenheim near Heilbronn, Germany. We were off to spend 3 full days with my only brother and his wife.

We kicked it off with my dad’s 76th birthday on the way down south. We arrived just in time for coffee and cake. The most important achievement after an 8h drive. 🙂

Spending time with my dad and the other family members was very precious. Not often do I take the time to hang out with family members plus spending some holidays together. Because this is rare and my dad gets older, we try to make the best of it.

According to his rhythm, we sisters and niece helped my brother two mornings shifting gravel around his new house. Afterwards we picked up my dad and drove through the beautiful area with wonderful stops for coffee, lunch and dinner.

Highlights for sure were several rainbows we saw, one even across the vineyard. We saw an old fortress, drove through beautiful vineyards and tasted some grapes. Also went for some hikes and visited a most adorable and historical town Bad Wimpfen and fell in love with all these old half-timbered houses. Seeing my brother on his new home turf and spending time together was also very precious. He misses his 7 sisters now that he is the only one in the south. Having time with him, his wife and her relatives was good to understand the context and cheer him on as he builds his new family home.

Seeing my dad struggling with walking and needing a lot of rest while we were together reminds me to make time consciously for my dad, learn more about his past, see how he deals with getting older etc. When I asked him if he minds getting older and is experiencing physical limitations he said: “I can easily accept it because I know I am still needed. Though I might not be out and about a lot, I can pray for people”. And he does, plus Bible studies via WhatsApp, helps refugees with legal papers, prepares them for interviews etc.