As leaders, I believe we need to constantly learn and acquire new skills and insights. For me personally, I love learning and getting better. And yes, there is so much room to still learn and to get better at.

Last Saturday I took up the opportunity to learn about Sketch Notes. Well, not just about Sketch Notes but also producing them.

Sketch Notes are like graphic notes. With small pictures you underline your message and were possible substitute text with pictures so it is more visual, you retain it better and others might be able to follow instructions clearer. So it is a wonderful learning method to help me learn and remember as well as aiding my teaching where possible.

My friend Annette has offered this workshop for the second time, though the first time in person and according to the Covid-19 regulations. It was a lot of fun working ourselves through the basics and understanding the simple but great system behind it. The beautiful thing is, you don’t need to have any artistic skills, merely understanding objects like a square, triangle etc.

So after getting the hang on it, we produced two sketch notes for our settings. One was on, “what a good day means”, the other on my studies.

Now it is up to me to exercise, upgrade my skills, practice on flip charts etc.

If you speak German, see Annette´s offers:

I also loved to see the adaptation to the times we live in and thought this great desk for the lap is fantastic and has worked well for the day!

Let´s not be bound by the circumstances but be creative and innovative to pursue our God-given dreams and callings.