For the past week, I had the joy of stepping in for the parents. My twin-sister and husband were hiking for five days and I suggested looking after the 11 year old. The older daughter was at a riding centre for the week. Easy peasy, I thought! 🙂

I mean, it was great. I love being an auntie. I believe it is a huge privilege, especially since I am not a physical mom. But I am also slightly exhausted after this week. For the niece not to be alone, her 12-year-old cousin joined her for this week, every 2 days extending and pleading with his mum for new clothes. This turned into a hilarious game.

I guess I have not eaten so much wonderful fast food in such a short time then having been with them for this week. McDonalds or a lot of ice-cream. Once in a while, they created a smoothie to stay healthy, praise God! Another time we turned into being Americans and ate out of crisp bags. A YouTuber was copied. 

As it was the beginning of their school holidays, we combined this with seeing some more of my sisters and their children. By the end of this week, I had seen 11 out of my 13 nieces and nephews. Most of them first time since lockdown ended. This was absolutely wonderful. The youngest are 2 and 3 and even they decided to hang out with me! This is truly a miracle and breakthrough – and I won against my siblings! 🙂

We also visited the grandparents to their delight.

This past week contained a lot of driving and go with their wishes. Some tears were shed missing the parents so one of them ended up in my bed. But we got through and no one died. 🙂 I had anticipated being more at work earning money, but due to the demand and a very generous boss I was able to adapt the hours and take a day off as well.

One of the coolest things were surely the talks and sharing life together. For them probably the late evening trips to get drinks and crisps for watching movies. I know a lot about the Pfefferkörner now, a children´s series. I am also certainly a bit more up to date with their online world plus having heard some terrible and funny jokes. 

I applaud all parents who so lovingly take care of their children and give up a lot of their time to invest selflessly into others. I was able to deliver them safely back to their parents while you continue raising them! Thank you for investing into the next generation! You are my daily heroes! 

Now back to earning money, which was so easily spent last week! 🙂