This month 4 years ago I was asked to step down from leading an organisation I had helped to set up. It hit me badly as I loved the work around young people, events, missions and Europe so much. It had been a dream which crashed. It took me nearly a year to find my feet on solid ground again.

Why am I sharing this? Because I want to honour God, I believe in vulnerable leadership and want to encourage others. Leading always involves pain. No matter who has messed up. 

I am looking back this month and am so grateful to God and mentors as well as friends who carried me through when I wanted to give up.

If you are struggling in leadership right now, when you are at the brink of wanting to give up, may I encourage you? God sees your pain. He knows you by name. I so hope you have “pain buddies” around you to share with. You are a miracle.

PS: This sign in German, stating “I am a miracle” is part of a song campaign of Andi Weiss.