Breaks are beautiful to regain energy, spend time with friends, meditate, think and pray.

This New Year as a group of friends we could not really agree on Denmark nor found a suitable house, so the decision was taken to visit Marburg for 5 days, where one of our young friends (from my former youth group) now studies.

We six enjoyed hanging out together, visit the theological institute of Tabor, went on a hike, visited the beautiful old town square, had coffee in various places, ate delicious food, experienced New Year from the top of the castle…

I also enjoyed some walks on my own (working on my steps 🙂 ) and time to myself reflecting on the past year and writing up my dreams for 2020. Many dreams and some resolutions for 2020. It helped me to clear some fog and I am full of expectancy. I simply love writing 2020! 🙂

In addition, we visited some of my friends in Marburg. These were two truly inspiring encounters. I was delighted my friends visiting with me could meet these fantastic people! But it also served as a huge inspiration to us!

Having coffee with Elke and Roland Werner has been one of those encounters and such a treat and honour. I love their passion for God and the world, especially for Sudan and their huge commitment and investment into people, networks, leaders etc. To me, they are real legends and initiators of so many influential networks and movements in Germany and beyond. And then we just sit in their living room and have a cup of tea. So ordinary! So well known and so approachable. Here a link to some of their latest endeavours:

Another one was visiting my friends Tschul and Paco Leuschner who with some other friends of their life long community initiated and lead a ministry to long-term mentally ill people.

As we had an amazing breakfast together, it was like being among family members. Lively, fantastic engaged children around, deep sharing, laughter, honesty, learning from each other, asking questions and cheering each other on. They exemplified incredible hospitality and welcomed us strangers with such love and care. Especially as some of us love the open house mentality, we were reminded of some of our dreams.

At the end, after we received a wonderful tour (among others met the mother hen Hans-Ute), we met in the chapel and finished off with thanks and prayers. 

As a personal bonus: One of the girls for some reasons not all clear to me, was very upset with me and as a result I with her. After a rough 1,5 years there came a time to speak, clear the air and seek steps forward. And that happened before we entered 2020 together! 🙂

As a group of friends we faced a lovely relaxed start into 2020. I am excited and looking forward to what the new year entails and even more what God envisions for each of us!