I have loved my retreat (Tuesday lunch till Thursday lunch) with the event organizers from across Europe. For the fourth time I run a year round mentoring under the European Leadership Forum (www.euroleadership.org) and every time I wonder if the right people come together, and once again God totally blessed us.

This YRM, event organizers from Poland, Turkey, Russia, Latvia, UK, Germany and Lithuania came together to learn more about events and impact. In 2020, we will have two more webinars in spring and then finish off at the next European Leadership Forum.

Three of them are on the same team of CCI, two are even father and son. I wondered if the atmosphere would be as open but it was simply brilliant.

It has been a very rewarding time together as we learned about each other┬┤s events, dug deeper into impact and sustainability, looked at marketing, leadership and team, laughed and shared together. A real family spirit among us as we journey with each other for a year and beyond. Nothing we can really create than making the space for it. Doing this also provides me with new ideas and I love learning from others. I was also hugely encouraged by their courage in creating and adapting new events, in having a vision for a whole nation, for unity etc. Some have an impact on more than 50,000 people each year, just through their training events.

I was very privileged to have done this once again with fantastic skilled co-teacher Janet Sewell who brightens the place with her intelligence, knowledge and wit! 
Love the team work and dream work!

I also bumped into three of my former mentees who are now part of either organizing this retreat or join another YRM. So totally proud of who they are and what they do. Each of them got promoted in more responsibility for their events. ­čÖé

As I wanted to see everyone off well, I could not get an afternoon flight and so stayed an extra day with Janet. Got some rest, a mental break, had time to walk along the ocean, pray and think! Very grateful for this time!

For anyone interested in joining next year, have a look: https://euroleadership.org/sites/default/files/Documents/YRMLCE2020.pdf?fbclid=IwAR08RI29aw0TCDl0Zj4kOabRAXNj79D9LRyD6ahH0oaRpjjJR8lXjQojpDk