The latest Vista edition highlights various issues in Europe, this time youth and women, migrants and voices by Eastern and Central Europeans.

I am very privileged to have been asked to write the article on women in Europe. As there are people so much more knowledgable on this topic, I am so grateful to have done this together with my dear friend and fellow advocate for women in Europe, Dr. Claire Rush.

Thanks so much for the opportunity, dear Jim Memory, my friend and former MA tutor.

I have learned a lot personally about the situation of women in Europe. Some I was familiar with, some was new. There is brilliant research on the various topics related to women in Europe and I love to see new initiatives starting by church and organizations. I also once more realized that I need to take proactive steps here in endorsing and training women. Watch the space for some further development! 🙂

Interested to hear your thoughts on this topic! What is your perspective on this? How are you experiencing this across Europe?

Dedicating this article to all the women I love and mentor and work alongside with. But also to the men who champion women.

Here is the full edition: