Such fun doing what you love! Investing into younger leaders from Europe who organize fantastic events! I mean, that entitles three things I love: Europe, younger leaders and events! 🙂

From 4-6 December, 10 of us gathered in Coma-Ruga outside Barcelona, Spain, 6 mentees and 4 teachers. Under the umbrella of the European Leadership Forum (ELF) the year round mentoring (YRM) takes place. For the second time I am journeying with a group of event organisers, as one of the 12 options in ELF. For 10 months, we study event management and event impact. We meet up via online webinars, at ELF and a retreat of 2,5 days. Of course homework is in the mix as they reflect on their own or create new events, most often within the context of church and mission organisations.

This time it took place in the beautiful setting of Coma-Ruga (a favourite place for conferences; spent more than 5 conferences there) where you see the ocean and palm trees with magnificent sunrises in the mornings. That certainly made me get out of bed and inhale the view, if nothing else.

I had the great joy of having co-teachers Ralf and Sandra Kunze (Germany) and David Jones (UK) with me. Sandra and David had already joined me last year. This time Ralf came as well. Bori from Bulgaria, mentee in another group, visited us for 30 minutes to share on event communication which was very appreciated.

The mentees this year come from Greece, the Czech Republic, Belarus, the Ukraine, Latvia and Spain. Sadly, we missed our friend Katia from Belarus, as the persecution of Christians is on a high rise at the moment and things have turned against them. (We stand with you, my sister!)

These people organize some amazing events and we can assist them with asking questions, defining mission, vision, outcomes, structures, job descriptions, seeing what kind of impact they would like to see and how to measure it.


We had such a great time as we talked about event impact (Sandra, Ralf and I each come from a different angle, which is really cool and complimentary) and David from his years of being a CEO and coach taught us on leadership, self-care and mentoring. The extra bonus was 1:1 mentoring which he offered to each of them.

Such a privilege that we were able to lead this together. There was great interaction, much fun, prayers, chocolate, learning and application.

Interested? How about joining next year September 2018 – May 2019?