Last year I visited Kerstin Hack on her houseboat ( for the first time. It was October, half a year after I was asked to leave my favourite ministry. Pain was still very much on the surface. She invited me to come, just be and if wanted and needed, have some sessions of coaching with her.

I took up the offer and twice we sat down and dealt with some topics. She also used the wingwave method on me, interesting therapy.

I did not immediately feel any different but was calm and assured, knowing that God is at work.

After a year had gone by, I went back! Because I love to hang out with the inspirational woman Kerstin is. I always dreamt to stay on a houseboat, enjoy the peace and quietness, a cup of Earl Grey tea on deck of the boat watching the river flow by etc. Combining this with inspiration is wellness for my soul. So was this weekend!

It was so beautiful going back and just immerse into the ship culture for a weekend. Having talks with Kerstin, helping her with some gardening, having boat builder friend cook for us, long nights in bed, enjoying nature, a fantastic light show, having time to breathe and stop what I was doing! And guess what, the sun came out and I was able to catch some sun!

I wondered if there was anything, I wanted coaching on but realized the pain was gone. God had stepped in over the last year, healed my heart, provided a new perspective, and used me many times this year. What a great place just to stop, express my gratitude to God and people and prepare for what is lying ahead!

Kerstin Hack is a German author and coach. You can find her resources (books, cards, calendars, coaching) here:

She also blogs here:

Thank you, God, for people like her!