From 12 to 15 June 2017, Lausanne had invited various world mission leaders for a strategic gathering in the Lutheran city of Wittenberg, Germany, to look at strategic world evangelization for the next 3-5 years. You can find the press release here:

I was delighted when asked to recruit 9 younger volunteers for this gathering and seeing them in action, was a real thrill. I really would have loved to join myself and serve these amazing global players, but I firmly believe I cannot say “I believe in younger leaders and then not give them the space”. 7 of these younger leaders had been to Lausanne YLG Jakarta so it felt like another mind-blowing reunion for them. 🙂

The German Lausanne group (coalition for evangelism, had their yearly round table intentionally in Wittenberg this year and became the host of this international Lausanne gathering. I joined the Lausanne German meeting for the 24 hours and it was great to kick it off with an international dinner with everyone present. That gave me the chance to see many Lausanne friends again, have late night drinks and early morning cup of teas with senior Lausanne leaders as well as having time in our German group, also reporting on our vision for the younger leaders in my own country.

As it was intentionally held in Wittenberg as part of the 500 year celebration of the Reformation, we had the chance to praise God in the Schlosskirche where Luther regularly preached, stood in front of the door Luther nailed the 95 theses on and inhaled some reformation spirit:

… Grace alone – by faith alone – in Christ alone – found in Scripture alone – to the glory of God alone…!

Dr. Roland Werner even played Luther for us all (amazing!) and we listened to songs written in 1500. Quite an experience for us all and reminded us of an unforgettable story of a young leader being changed by God to bring about a global change.

Lausanne surely is a fantastic network of national and global players all with a united vision for world evangelization, started by Billy Graham in 1974.

Grateful to be a part of this network, with thousands of others, and intentionally invest into younger leaders worldwide.