14370353_10153671950706673_656114570800760023_nTotally loved the weekend on the house boat in Berlin and to spend time with Kerstin Hack, a very innovative, inspiring lady!

Sun came out, refreshment for soul, heart and body received plus great coaching, had time to reflect and read – what a blessing it has been to me.

For years I followed Kerstin via news and Facebook, seeing her dreaming and taking action to see dreams realized. God provided for her to see this house boat renovated and soon seminars and coaching will take place on board, next to her authoring further books and engaging with refugees in Berlin. And many more adventures to come! :-)

We had never met in person before, so it was even more special to meet and have so much fun but also deep sharing together. I totally loved it! There is a great woman out there who so selflessly gives herself and invests into others. Germany is blessed also because of her!
Check her out: www.kerstinhack.de