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Welcome to my part of the world!

I am an ordinary person loved by an extraordinary God. It is a privilege and joy to share some parts of my journey of this friendship here. Some are reflections on my leadership learnings, some are travel blogs or inspirations from meeting amazing people from around the world.

I am a German and feel very much like a European. Due to my years spent in various nations and working for various global networks, I produce most of my content in English.


Scheitern erwünscht

Evi’s new book

Evi Rodemann

Scheitern erwünscht!

Wenn Leiten schmerzt! Craig Groeschel sagte in seinem Leiterschaftspodcast in 2020: “Wenn du gerade nicht leidest, leitest du wahrscheinlich nicht.” Wir können Leiten leider nicht von Schmerzen und Krisen trennen. Sie gehören dazu. Ich möchte dich ermutigen, dennoch dranzubleiben, quasi den Schmerz zu umarmen.
Ich habe ganz persönlich erlebt: Schmerzhafte Prozesse und unser Umgang damit haben ein großes Wachstumspotenzial. Ich möchte dich in deinen schmerzhaften Zeiten anfeuern, durch Krisen Gott neu kennenzulernen und in deiner Leiterpersönlichkeit zu reifen. Es ist OK zu scheitern, es ist nicht OK, liegen zu bleiben.

Evi Rodemann: Scheitern erwünscht

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Evi’s Blog

My passion is to see people discovering who they are made to be and where God wants to use each of them to cause a real change and to write history. We have value and purpose. Sometimes we need someone else to push us beyond our own limits to do what we were meant to do.
I was 23 years old when I wrote down my personal mission statement. This has guided me ever since, though of course there has been some adaptation and tuning.
You can find some inspiration on these topics in my blog posts but also in the various teaching sessions I have done on “The art of pain in leadership”, event management, leadership etc.

Find your rhythm

Find your rhythm

I pray that as you enter 2023, you will indeed be able to re-define your rhythm in life and leadership. This is so important so as to be able to run the race in life and leadership well. And if you are doing well in this, congratulations! :-)Have you got a healthy...

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Reviewing my year 2022

Reviewing my year 2022

What a year 2022 has been! I am not sure how yours was, but mine has been so full, very engaged, productive, mind-blowing, inspiring and sometimes also challenging. I had the chance of tasting Europe full load this year, more than ever in only one year. But let me...

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Let’s GO


Muddy Angel
Evi Rodemann

… and never give up!

Running the race and finishing well in leadership is a challenge. The Apostle Paul encourages young Timothy in the Bible (2 Tim 2:4) writing, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” To finish the race, we need other people to cheer us on and walk the often painful journey of leadership with us. Some statistics say that more than 60% of leaders are no longer in leadership by the time they retire. This is not a great statistic! The biggest breaking point for leaders seems to occur between the age of 35-45 years old. I love to help leaders last in this. I have experienced my own share of pain in leadership and therefore understand some of the challenges, also as a woman in leadership.
Join me on this journey of running the race well! There are times I am limping more than I am running but together we can make it.

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I love the Word of God and learning how to apply this to my own life as well as seeking ways to apply this to our society, culture, events etc. I am not a theoretical person, so theology always needs to work for me. Right now I am in the process of doing my PhD in theology, dept. Missiology (analyzing event impact on spirituality)

event manager

I love events and seeing them bear long-lasting outcomes. I am involved in various events run by other organisations and also head up some with my own team. I also train other event organisers across Europe and the globe in a year round mentoring program.


Journeying with people through life and seeing them discover and fulfill their God-given potential gives me much joy.


Some of my offers


Leadership Training


Speaking and moderating


Facilitation of processes


Event Coordination




Taking teams to serve people in need

Evi Rodemann

working together for a greater purpose

Evi’s involvement

I have the privilege being involved with various organisations and ministries nationally, European wide and even internationally. It is such a privilege working together to reach young people and train their leaders as well as investing into younger leaders. They are too many to name, but here are some of my involvements.


European Youth Ministry Network

European Youth Ministry NetworkWith a team I coordinate this relational network and every 1,5 years we bring youth ministry leaders, CEO´s and church leaders together and work around trends in youth ministry and the implications for church.
European Youth Ministry Network

Lausanne Movement /
Younger Leaders Generation

Lausanner MovementI serve the Lausanne Movement on the leadership team of the Younger Leaders Generation where I head up the commitment area of Groups and Gatherings, also including yearly research among the 1000 young leaders. Under the same umbrella we offer European and German younger leader gatherings.
Lausanner Movement / Younger Leaders

WEA Mission Commission

WEA Mission Commission I am on the leadership team of the Mission Commission under the World Evangelical Alliance thinking around missional issues and helping with their global conferences.
WEA Mission Commission

LeadNow e.V.

Lead Now e.V.My latest launch is the start of my own organisation called LeadNow e.V. where we invest strategically into young leaders primarily with a European focus.
LeadNow e.V.

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Loving People

What gets me out of bed?

I love people. People give me energy. People let me fly. People are who I want to invest into.

I am particularly passionate about young people. Young people, their leaders, and also younger leaders. People who are still discovering who they are and what their purpose in life is. People who dream wild dreams and go after them. People who dare to step out in faith and have courage where others would rather stay at home.

With my own organization Lead Now e.V. and the various other Christian youth organisations and church networks I am involved with, I invest most of my time into encouraging, equipping and connecting younger leaders and youth leaders. I have a special focus on Europe (also having done my MA with a focus on European Mission) but also work globally. There is nothing more thrilling for me than doing this – and it does get me out of bed every morning!



I love to encourage and see other people fly.



Through resources equipping people in their walk of life and leadership.



Where possible go deep with people and explore their calling.

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Evi’s Articles

I have discovered in the last years, I really love to express my thoughts in writing as well. Maybe because I love to read, but also because it gives me time to think through things. Normally I am faster speaking than thinking!
I am so grateful for the various opportunities I have had and have to write some articles, contribute to some blog sites, and share some of my own stories of success and failure. Here you will find some of my writings:

Evi’s Calendar

Upcoming EVents

Lausanne Generational Conversation @ Biola University, California, USA
May 31 – Jun 3 all-day
She leads 3.0 in Berlin
Jun 9 – Jun 11 all-day
FeG Norddeutschland-Tag
Jun 17 all-day
Lausanne Younger Leaders Gathering Deutschland @ Nudelfabrik
Jun 23 – Jun 25 all-day
127. Allianzkonferenz Ev. Allianz Deutschland
Jul 26 – Jul 30 all-day
Building a house in Moldova
Aug 12 – Aug 20 all-day
Wochenendseminar: Zur Ruhe kommen
Sep 8 – Sep 10 all-day
Renovo – a retreat for female younger leaders in Europe
Sep 21 – Sep 24 all-day
Curatio – ein Wochenende für Leiterinnen (bis 40 Jahre) @ Big Country House
Nov 3 – Nov 5 all-day
DISG Seminar beim Studienzentrum IGW Hamburg
Nov 8 all-day

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